Amicia de Rune

About Amicia

The protagonist and primary character of A Plague Tale: Innocence. The eldest child of the de Rune family, she and her brother are compelled to flee for their lives through the pestilent countryside of France when the Inquisition raids her family's château out of heresy and murders everybody to have her brother in their possession.

Amicia's Characteristics

  1. Born: Circa 1333 in Aquitaine, France
  2. Condition: Uninfected
  3. Religion: Catholic
  4. Rank: Aristocrat
  5. Weapon of choice: Sling
  6. Personality: Ready to take on the knight's challenge

Background and Early Life

Amicia was born to Béatrice and Robert de Rune. She grew up in a life of privilege and wealth, as she was a lord's daughter and was close to her family, but they had become distant over time, with her younger brother Hugo being watched over closely as he had a mysterious illness. Out of the whole family, Amicia was the least close with Hugo, due to him being sheltered and regularly treated for his illness.

Amicia with Robert de Rune, father.

Relationship with Hugo

Amicia's relationship with Hugo is the source of many jovial times and strives. Amicia, initially, has a distant relationship with her younger brother as she rarely ever saw him. This prompts her to be regularly curt to him, and even shows jealousy in that she saw very little of their mother while he did instead. The two show blatant sibling traits, as they can relatively quickly become irritated by each other, especially Amicia. She is often frustrated by Hugo's credulousness and childlike curiosity, though she does understand this is due to his lack of world knowledge along with his age. In the face of all of this, she has the ability to become fiercely protective of Hugo and does all she can to shield him from the horrors surrounding them and keep him out of harm's way.

Amicia with Hugo de Rune, brother.

Abilities and Skills

Amicia is a slim, yet strong and agile girl with rather fast reflexes, along with good perception, agility, and balance.
Amicia has a gift for alchemy. She is able to make rather perfect mixtures despite the fact of it being her first attempt. She learns to craft various alchemical projectiles and mixtures from Lucas throughout the course of the game, even those from Mélie, Rodric, and Inquisition magisters, and is able to immediately use the results into the field.

"Like mother, like daughter...", - Lucas, recognazing Amicia's gift for Alchemy.


Amicia's weapon of choice is the sling, which appears to be her only weapon as she isn't skilled with any other weaponry. The sling is a very powerful weapon, being able to break strong metal locks or even cause lethal headshots once upgraded with greater projectile speed. She has proven to have extensive training with it, being able to hit her targets precisely, even if they appear to move fast sometimes.

"That was... Wow... Are you trying to win the war on your own or what?", - Melie on Amicia's killing spree with her sling.

Amicia's Friends


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